Oversea students visit CCNT laboratory

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Morning of June 27, 2018, Overseas students visit CCNT  laboratory.It is a large lab in College of Computer Science of Zhejiang University. Dr. Hong Li  makes a general introduction of CCNT lab. She introduces  3 main research area such as   Universal Service Model and Real-time Platform, Cyborg Intelligence with Brain-Computer Interface and Knowledge Service and Complicated Service Computing. Also she introduces the latest scientific research achievements of CCNT laboratory to overseas students, such as technologies of driverless cars, ,and played the project, “the brain machine integrates perception and cognition” led by Lipeng Huang, a 2015 master graduate student in the laboratory, and her supervisor: the brain machine integrates perception and cognition which successfully used brain waves to guide mice through a maze during the "impossible challenge" program on CCTV. The CCNT lab then provided two pure electric cars, called "little radish heads" developed by the laboratory. The students experienced the "little radish head" concept car with great interest under the guidance of the laboratory staff.