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International students’ internship summary and answers meeting of ZIERIP project

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   On September 13, 2018, the first international students' internship summary and answers meeting was held in the Brazil Creek Park in Alibaba. There were 8 international students participated in this meeting. There were also Liu Xiangwen, Assistant Dean of Alibaba Damo Institute, Si Luo, Chief Scientist of Machine Intelligence and Natural Language of Damo Institute and intern tutor interns of international students. For Zhejiang University, there were Xu Ying, Deputy Director of International Relations Office, and Cai Liang, Deputy Dean of Software Institute, and Xu Yazhou, Deputy Secretary of Zhejiang University and Liu Dongzhen, Director of Cooperation Office. The meeting was held by Candy from Alibaba. Each student introduced the internship program with PPT and shared the internship experience. The guests raised questions, and finally the intern tutors summarized.

Andrey Sakryukin, a Ph.D. student from the National University of Singapore, was the first to answer questions on the stage. The main content of his speech was how to train the artificial intelligence algorithm and machine learning model to build the intelligent alarm ability of the monitoring system, reduce the cost of user configuration, improve the accuracy and timeliness of the alarm, and reduce the utility of the relying of alarm system on the users’ experience. Andrey applied a large number of experimental data in PPT to effectively demonstrate the research results in recent months, and explored the problems together with the experts. His tutor had a high comment on Andrey and hoped he could work in Alibaba after graduate in the future. Subsequently, each student introduced their internship results to the experts and actively discussed with them the problems encountered during the internship. The atmosphere on the scene was very active and the time for meeting exceeded 1 hour as scheduled. The expert review team was very satisfied with the performance of the students. Alibaba sincerely invited the students to work in Alibaba after graduation. At present, Jin Zhao, a student from Stanford University, has been a regular worker in a grade of full A.

Vice Director Xu Ying and Vice Dean Cai Liang congratulated the students who participated in the ZIERIP project on behalf of the International Relations Office of Zhejiang University and the Software Institute respectively, expressed gratitude for Alibaba for its strong support in the ZIERIP project and looked forward to the ZIERIP project in 2019. Through this meeting, we fully realize that the ZIERIP project has left a deep impression on Zhejiang University, Alibaba and all the international students who came to Alibaba for internship. It has promoted the cooperation and exchange between Zhejiang University and the world's top universities, and enabled international students to understand China and experienced the study, work and life in different cultural environments. All these will be a wonderful memory in their life.