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On July 6, 2018, international students went to the last visiting company of the project - ANT FINANCIAL SERVICES GROUP. ANT FINANCIAL SERVICES GROUP originated from Ali-pay. With the vision of making credit equal to wealth, they strived to create an open ecosystem. Through the Internet thruster program, Ant assisted financial institutions and partners accelerate to "Internet +" and provided inclusive financial serVices for small and micro businesses and individual consumers. The company introduced the students the mobile payment scene at home and abroad and the boosting technology changing lifestyles via videos. HR emphatically introduced the international business of the ANT FINANCIAL SERVICES GROUP to the students, especially for the business of exporting the technology serVices to the countries along the One Belt and One Road and promoting the consumption mode of mobile payment.

The second part of this visit is to introduce the international talent strategy of ANT FINANCIAL SERVICES GROUP. The overseas market of ANT FINANCIAL SERVICES GROUP is expanding very fast. So they are in greatly need of a large number of professional and technical personnel, especially senior personnel. The technical person in charge of ANT FINANCIAL SERVICES GROUP International Business Department mainly introduced the technical route and technical framework selected for its main overseas business. Senior project manager introduced actual cases and shared experience. HR introduced the recruitment situation and talent recruiting standard on overseas campuses. They hoped that international students could pay attention to ANT FINANCIAL SERVICES GROUP, and looked forward to that the students could join all branches of ANT FINANCIAL SERVICES GROUP after graduation. International students from National University of Singapore were very excited. In consideration of the fact that ANT FINANCIAL SERVICES GROUP has branches or joint ventures in the countries along the One Belt and One Road such as Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and India, it became a hot topic to be employed in these branches in the future.

   Finally, HR led the students to visit the work area of ANT FINANCIAL SERVICES GROUP and took a group photo.