Visited Net-ease (Hangzhou) R & D center

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       On the afternoon of July 5, 2018, international students visited Net-ease R & D center in Hangzhou. The students firstly visited the Net-ease work area under the leadership of the staff. The staff introduced in detail some landmark sculptures and some weapons or scene models in the game.


And then, the staff arranged international students to visit a game studio of Net-ease and experience the making process of game project. Especially for the performance of actors’ professional actions, these performances are designed according to the content of the game script. And on basis of the performance fragments of these professional actors, the action stuntmen carries special equipment to imitate these actions. Then these actions are captured and processed by software and computer software. In order to make the computer processing effect similar to the real effect of professional performances, the action stuntmen and the technical processing group have to try again and again until the project director is satisfied. Through close observation and participation, international students had a deeper understanding on the game project development process, and they especially felt shocked on the high investment, long R & D cycle and big pressure of participating staffs in high-quality game projects.

    Afterwards, Net-ease HR began to introduce Net-ease’s basic situation, and invited senior R & D technicians of game projects to explain to international students how the various scenes in the game were handled by technical means, and share their work experience. International students were very interested in the game development and put up with all kinds of imaginative questions. And the interactive atmosphere of the scene was very warm. International students all expressed that the learning scene of the day was very extraordinary, and they were so grateful for the careful arrangement of the ZIERIP project team and Net-ease.