Visited HUAWEI (Hangzhou) Research Institute

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 On the afternoon of July 3, 2018, international students visited Hangzhou Research Institute of HUAWEI Company. Manager Jiang Xiaowei of HUAWEI introduced the conditions of HUAWEI and Hangzhou branch. Jiang emphatically introduced Huawei's global market size, its technological position in the global industry, the high proportion of R&D employees in the company's total staff (nearly 50%, 80,000 R&D employees out of 180,000 employees), the huge investment in R&D every year (81.1 billion yuan in 2017), and shared Huawei's pioneering history, and the moving stories that HUAWEI adopted special policies in order to attract the top talents of the world in the industry. International students are touched by the huge investment Huawei has made in R&D every year. They are deeply admired by Huawei's focus on R&D, and amazed by the rapid rise of Huawei and the high level of professional and technical skills. There were also international students who did not understand Huawei's overtime culture (mattress culture) in the process of entrepreneurship, causing a lot of discussions. Jiang explained for this. He said, this was an enterprise culture formed in the process of entrepreneurship, and there was no right or wrong.


   HUAWEI arranges the students to visit HUAWEI's exhibition hall, including Huawei Yun, HUAWEI ICT talent development road, reconstruction of ICT talent skills, VR experience and so on. Among them, the VR experience is the most attractive. And Mannu, a student from National University of Singapore, experienced it by himself.

   Finally, HUAWEI arranged dinner for the students and made them experienced what HUAWEI employees called a street of specialty snacks.