Visited Alibaba Binjiang Park

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      On the afternoon of June 29, 2018, international students visited Alibaba B2B Business Department of Binjiang Park. B2B business is the foundation of Alibaba. And on the basis of it, Alibaba develops the innovative business lines such as Tao-bao, T-mall, Ali-pay, Rookie, and Ali-Yun and so on, subverts traditional lifestyles, payment habits and improves social efficiency. The students first visited the Binjiang Park. Then the alumni of Software Institute of Zhejiang University introduced the Alibaba B2B business. At here, international students got to know the entrepreneurial story of Ma Yun and his 18 partners and understood the growth experience of Alibaba. Through on-the-spot interaction with alumni of the Software Institute, the students learned that Alibaba was slowly transferred from a business-driven company to a technology-driven company.